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There’s no denying it: Digital Marketing is a must-have strategy for today’s businesses. We’re sure you’re aware of this. However, it is a very broad concept that encompasses a wide range of tools and approaches for translating theory into action.

How can you use it in a way that wows your audience while also making sense for your brand — all while staying on budget?

The best way to find that answer is to look at the successful cases and figure out why they worked.

To assist you with this, we’ve compiled a list of 6 fantastic Digital Marketing examples from which you can learn and be inspired.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

• 1. American Express and the importance of authority • 2. Airbnb and the importance of user content • 3. Lyft and the need for promoters • 4. Domino’s and the need for new technologies • 5. Sephora and the omnichannel path • 6. Slack and the importance of solutions

1. The establishment of authority by American Express

When it comes to building authority, the best strategy is to create great content aimed at a specific target (your buyer persona). But, in the context of Digital Marketing, what does that term really mean?

When a brand is regarded as an authority, it means that a large number of people seek it out for reliable and trustworthy information on a specific topic.

When AMEX launched a major Content Marketing campaign with a site called Open Forum — now Trends and Insights — they wanted to project this image.

The goal was to provide relevant information and assistance to the public on all matters concerning their corporate solutions, including financial news, business trends, marketing, sales, productivity, and cash flow.

The outcomes were exactly what they had hoped for. The website became a resource for entrepreneurs starting out and growing their businesses as a result of the constant flow of articles and posts.

However, borrowing authority from those who already have it is the real secret behind AMEX’s case.

Although a Content Marketing strategy can be carried out entirely in-house, the company chose to enlist the help of industry leaders and well-known figures to contribute their knowledge and lessons.

So, why not join in? Inviting professionals with a name in your area is a great way to attract more leads and establish a strong relationship with influencers by sticking with them as a brand with authority.

2. Airbnb and its emphasis on user-generated content

Specialized articles are great for building authority, but there’s another strategy that’s ideal for increasing brand awareness, public engagement, and organic lead generation. Of course, we’re talking about user-generated content.

Airbnb is a company that has fully embraced digital marketing by allowing all users to share their travel experiences across all platforms and social media.

They went even further, though. What kind of content would be ideal for a hotel? Obviously, tourism. As a result, Airbnb began to promote and encourage the creation of videos, photos, and travel guides by owners and clients.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the visual aspect of it. Instagram is a crucial channel for the company because it reflects the desires of their target audience.

Nothing will prevent you from doing the same. Provide incentives and publicize the content your leads and clients are producing that is relevant to your company. Allow them to be a part of your brand’s identity.

3. Lyft and the requirement for promoters

Turning customers into promoters is a fantastic achievement in digital marketing. It allows your user base to generate more leads for you.

This is typically accomplished by establishing loyalty programs or offering special incentives in exchange. It’s a method of promoting and disseminating word-of-mouth advertising.

Lyft did exactly that, and it worked. Even though it was competing with a larger player on the market, the rideshare app found its niche by offering incentives such as free rides to users who referred their friends and family to the service.

When this strategy is combined with a brand that is committed to providing exceptional service, it becomes a lead generation powerhouse.

Nothing convinces us more than being referred to a service by someone we trust and then having our expectations exceeded. Why don’t you give it a shot?

4. Domino’s and the use of cutting-edge technology

Domino’s is a good example of how knowing new technologies and acting quickly can pay off among these Digital Marketing examples.

Domino’s Anyware is a tool that focuses on how you order the product rather than the product itself. The voice-activated software (available on multiple platforms) is linked to an AI that can interpret and understand what you want.

Sure, it increased sales, but the biggest gain from this strategy was in brand image.

Being known as a company that embraces and advances technology is a significant advantage, particularly among younger audiences.

5. Sephora’s omnichannel strategy

Sephora is now regarded as one of the major players in the field of digital marketing. That isn’t due to any specific strategy, but rather to the fact that they have such a large online presence overall.

The company’s main goal is to be present wherever its target audience is. Because the products have such a strong visual appeal, social media plays an important role.

As a result, rich content such as a video tutorial that ties valuable information to direct advertising or an interactive quiz that shows the best product for you is known as shoppable experiences.

There’s even more. Sephora is going all-in on omnichannel marketing. They sell on Instagram, have a fantastic user experience on their website, and are even looking into geotargeted ads for their stores. It’s an excellent example of knowing your persona, being accessible, and establishing customer loyalty.

6. Slack and a solution-oriented mindset

Our final example is Slack, which demonstrates that digital marketing efforts do not end when a lead is converted.

Slack is a collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes and configurations. It’s a comprehensive and adaptable platform that emphasizes productivity and decision-making.

If your company provides a service like theirs, you must realize that you are selling a solution rather than a product.

This is the insight that led to Slack’s user experience support. They have a dedicated team that responds to thousands of tickets per day, assisting their customers in not only using technology but also doing more with it.

Client loyalty is enhanced by proximity to active clients. And the market’s future depends on customer loyalty.

You saw strategies to attract customers, build a brand image, turn customers into promoters, and improve retention in the cases we presented here.

The bottom line is that embracing the internet with great ideas and content can benefit your visibility in a variety of ways. We hope that these Digital Marketing examples will serve as inspiration for you in the future.

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