Comment: We need batteries to build electric cars. Fortunately, the ocean floor has a lot to offer.

Lipeldd The retired Navy officer is now the president of Lipold Strategies. A.D. Founded in 1993 and 1996 in San Diego, Carson City, Nevada.

The State of California has a long history of environmental protection. In September last year, Governors Gavin News also signed an executive order banning the sale of new internal combustion cars and passenger trucks by 2035. 2024 and all-state oil production 2045 – Critical step for US seventh-largest oil producer.

Discerning minds can certainly vary depending on the timing and content of the California presentation. However, such violent acts can only be carried out by lighting electric cars and trucks in California. To maintain this commitment to these environmental goals, California must expand its reliance on renewable energy to meet the growing demand for all those additional electric vehicles.

With the batteries needed in all those new cars and additional sources of renewable energy, California must face the real prospect of selling energy for the unreliable and sustainable future of mining dependence. Paris-based International Energy Administration In May, it reported that the production of a conventional electric car would require six times the amount of minerals needed for a conventional car, and a new wind turbine would require nine times the amount of minerals needed for a diesel engine.

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Unfortunately, the lack of future production and processing capabilities for renewable energy has left the United States in dire need of green energy sources to support and sustain the future. The BID administration has made the supply chain resources its main agenda so that we can find solutions to overcome them by asking the agencies, such as the Energy, Trade and Defense Departments, to evaluate the supply challenges and weaknesses.

As the commander of the USS Cole at the beginning of the war on terror, I can tell you that closely monitoring your supply lines is crucial to national security and the environment. Many sources of “battery minerals” around the world are unsafe, heavily controlled by China, or exposed to unacceptable environmental and workplace influences.

Unauthorized and unrestricted mining is based on unsustainable activity to destroy rainforests or exploit child labor. However, while the prospects for California and the nation are daunting, there are some viable and environmentally conscious solutions to these important minerals. San Diego plays an important and strategic role in this case.

One of the cleanest, most affordable and safest batteries in the world, including nickel, cobalt, manganese, and copper, lies at the bottom of the East Pacific Ocean, lying on the ready-to-collect surface.

In a June 100 White House review of key supply chains, the administration said nickel supplies and processors could “be very, if possible,” if there is a chance to target a single part of the US battery supply chain. Short-term and medium-term supply chains are critical to providing stability. ”And nickel is abundant on the seabed.

The marine technology in the game can safely bring back even a fraction of what we have learned in the oil and gas sector. The most promising field of polymetallic marine flooring is San Diego. Companies such as Steel Co. and others have already made appropriate attempts to use this technology safely on ships in San Diego. The future looks bright.

Years later, the main feature of the local economy was the deep sea port, including the time I was assigned to the Agis missile shipment from San Diego. The city hosts some of the largest ships in the world, not to mention the largest shipyard on the west coast. Our national security and our future depends on San Diego again, and it certainly plays a role in bringing safe and secure minerals from the ocean floor to clean transportation and California needs for renewable energy.

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