Indiana to test ‘magic’ – magnetic concrete to fill electric vehicles

Indiana to test magic - Magnetic concrete to fill imaging

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The governor of Indiana Transport and Purdue University of Indiana has announced that it will soon begin testing magnetic concrete for driving “electric” vehicles. Magment was developed by a German company of the same name.

A number of initiatives have been developed to fill electric vehicles on the road or nearby. With this new effort, a team of researchers from Purdue University is working with INDOT road engineers to build a small road at or near Purdue campus this summer. If the experiment is successful, another section of road will be built, this time a quarter mile section at the INDOT site. There, the road will be tested by electric cars that require at least 2,000 kilowatts. If the second test goes well, INDOT plans to add the item to an unknown public street.

Magate has not yet released much technical details about the product, but the website will be implementing road (or floor) sections made of concrete-mixed magnetic particles. These roads are very different from the way they normally work – normally, material is poured and thrown into a designated street and then adjusted and adjusted. It is also unclear how such a road will be electrified and the roads will be safe for pedestrians. Magnet’s page says that their products are 95% efficient and can be used to transfer energy from road to vehicle. They also say that it can withstand all weather conditions, have a high temperature, is non-destructive and does not cost more to use than standard road construction materials. Note that if a state like Indiana wants to go that route, a magnet can be used locally.

The project in Indiana is being funded by the National Science Foundation – part of the sustainability of the road electrification project through energy infrastructure. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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