Stop & Shop installs electric charging stations in 5 locations


  • Stop & Shop has added electric charging stations outside the five stores, allowing customers to refill their cars when they purchase, the East Coast supermarket chain He announced in a press release Tuesday.
  • The Alde Delhaise banner is working with Volta Charging to install the ad-hoc facilities, and plans to deploy 50 more charging stations across the state by the end of the year.
  • Voice of the Somali RepublicStop with Volta and the store arrangement will come as the bidding management sees Encouraging interest in electric vehicles Between users and manufacturers.


The facilities stop and shop electric cars for free, simultaneously serving popular advertising sites outside of department stores. The charging stations adjacent to the designated parking lots each play a pair of digital displays and can serve two vehicles at a time.

Stop & Shop on Volta Supply Stations Already installed in stores in East Brunswick and Morris Plains, New Jersey. Walpole, Massachusetts; William, Connecticut; And Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Institutions can provide a vehicle with enough power to travel 30 miles per hour.

Stop & Shop’s decision to work with Volta came after it was announced last year by Sister Alod Delhaziz’s banner. Add voltage charging stations By mid-2021, there will be about 200 stores.

Retailers have emerged as key players in their efforts to make electric vehicles accessible to people who drive electric vehicles. They love chains Walmar, Wow And Target Over the past few years, they have added charging stations to some distribution stations. Reflecting the benefits For shop operators, charging station suppliers, and electric vehicle suppliers, drivers have access to power supplies for their vehicles when purchasing. Having a charging station outside the retail space will attract new customers and encourage people to shop more often than they do.

In addition, retailers will benefit from providing charging stations to their customers, as public electricity supply is limited to vehicles, partly as a barrier to electricity prices. CBS News reports.

In addition to charging on ad-supported charging stations, electric car drivers can recharge their batteries by charging networks used by companies such as Evigo and Charge Point, charging for their services or using in-house connections.

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