The city of Morganta and climate change groups are calling for Manchino, Capito to support the pressure on electric vehicles

MORGANTOWN, W.Va-Mothers Fresh Air Force hosted a press conference with Morganton City, West Virginia Clean Cities Program and Del Ivan Hansen (De-Monongalia, 51) U.S. senators l. To support the pressure on buses.

With two signs in the City Council Chamber #ACT Now on Climate CHANGE, each speaker went to the microphone to ask West Virginia senators to support “strong expansion for electric vehicles.” Morganton Mayor Jenny Celine said the transition to electric vehicles is not only a matter of climate change but also an economic issue.

Speaking to Celine during the press conference

It is important because we are competitive across the country and nationally and internationally. And we saw that with the closure of the pharmaceutical company, they would go to other countries and leave our area. Therefore, we need to be able to support the families who live here and the families who want to move here with good, advanced production that pays well. If we do not look to the future and electric cars and buses look to the future, we cannot compete.

Jenny Celine – Mayor of Morgan Town

There is also the issue of public health, which is caused by cars that run on celine. You can smell emissions from cars as you wait in traffic, this is something, even her granddaughter grumbles.

Celine says her fears are partly a concern for future generations. When the question of the future changes, you do not want to be stuck in an old-fashioned way of relying on the internal combustion engine.

“It’s just part of modernity,” says Celine. “I think it’s important to move forward so that it doesn’t take root. And all that is coming is that we have to go in there and compete and enjoy those electric vehicles and buses.

Brand is speaking during the press conference

Concerns for future generations have been voiced by Elizabeth Brand, field and special project manager for Mothers Air Force.

According to Brand, there are more than one million parents across the country who are taking action on climate change. The main goal of nonprofit is to live in a world where all children are healthy and clean.

Brente said she was concerned that the same pollution she would have suffered as a child would be the same for children by 2021.

“All the buses are idle outside and we know that the entrance to the school has some dirty air and that is bothering me,” Brent said. But it motivates me to do more to do my part. I think we sometimes underestimate the power of individual differences. And this is the biggest mistake we can make. If you are concerned about something in your community, whether it is air quality or climate, you know the quality of your schools, you are the leader. You need to embrace your ability to make changes. I was not trained to do this. This is, of course, the birth of my son, and I am here to stay. ”

According to Brente, the federal government has historically moved to major projects such as the Interstate System and the New Deal. All of this is proof that it is possible to switch to electric vehicles, she said.

But she admits that it will not be easy.

“There are some challenges in implementing electric vehicles and electric vehicles, but they are not insurmountable,” says Brand. They need a good solution, so we want our leaders to really come in and help us reach the future of pure energy.


Dell Ivan Hansen (De-Monongalia, 51) Climate change is no longer a foregone conclusion because it is already here. That means it’s time for him to take action.

“We need to know that climate change in Western Virginia is affecting us in Western Virginia,” Hansen said. “We’ve had a lot of catastrophic flooding in recent years, more than we knew before, and this is what the weather forecast for West Virginia is. And that’s what’s happening, and that includes many Western Virginia and lost communities, including the 2016 floods. And if we don’t look at climate change and do our part, there will be more of these. ”

The worst reality is that West Virginia is heavily dependent on coal, but coal is not the future source of energy. In addition, he said, coal contributes directly to the negative effects of climate change.

During the press conference, one of the # actions now shows signs

Many coal mines and businesses have closed, gone bankrupt, or are closing or going bankrupt. The question, Hansen, is not that we can’t save the coal industry, but how we can create jobs in the future.

“The question is, how can we create more jobs not only for coal miners and power workers, but for all people in Western Virginia?” Said Hansen. “Therefore, this is part of the energy strategy mentioned above. All of the above strategies also include renewable and electric vehicles, because these jobs go somewhere. And if they are going somewhere, we want them to come to West Virginia. ”


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