The top 8 important scholarships for studying a foreign language


All nations have their own traditions, and language is considered part of the country’s culture. Language is a powerful source of identification since it allows us to quickly determine which country a speaker belongs to. People who live inside a nation, on the other hand, prefer to concentrate on learning the language of another country, which is OK since it is believed that knowing many languages opens up other avenues. It also serves as a source of opening doors to a world of possibilities, which is true!

Nothing is difficult in this day of modernity, since you can learn anything or any language just by remaining at home and using the internet. If you’re interested in learning another language, why not immerse yourself in it by studying abroad while learning the language? It would be an important step toward your achievement since you would not only learn a new language, but you will also learn about the culture and traditions of other nations and improve your speaking abilities.

What could be a better opportunity than having a variety of scholarships available for language study and immersion programs? Even if you do not plan to major in the primary language, you may still apply for this scholarship to further your education and abilities.

What steps do you need to take to apply?

You may consider it a tough assignment since it seems complex, but it is not! What you need to do is investigate what you’re looking for; you’ll find a lot of material on websites that explains what the exact criteria are to be eligible for your purpose, and all you have to do now is narrow down what you’re qualified for.

The top six foreign language scholarships

linguistic study that is critical

This kind of scholarship program is a fully financed 8-week intensive language program that is roughly comparable to a year of university study. It is a 15-lesson language that you learn at the US Department of State, which finances immersion language education that is critical to US security. Many facilities and services, such as homestays, cultural lessons, excursions, and language partners, are available in language immersion programs to assist you in becoming fluent in a certain language.

Almost anybody, including undergraduate and graduate students, is allowed to apply for CLS, and some programs do not need any prior experience or a specific degree.

Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, and other languages

Mid-November is the deadline.

Boren honors

Boren offers language immersion programs of up to a year overseas to American undergraduate and graduate students. It is up to you to decide which language to study or if you want to create your own program, but you must read the particular criteria for the language regions as well as the prizes.

You must adhere to certain requirements, such as being a US citizen and tying your knot with your desired country, language, area of study, and foreign studies to avoid jeopardizing US national security.

Languages: Various

Boren scholarship deadline is February. January is the start of the Boren fellowship.


Another language program sponsored by the US State Department is the national security language initiative for kids. It provides fully financed immersion summer and academic year programs in a language essential to US interest overseas for high school students.

The participants typically reside with host families while strolling about the intense language course, and this is how they go on cultural excursions. As previously said, this program is designed specifically for high school students aged 15 to 19, and he must be a US citizen.

Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, Russian, and other languages

November is the deadline.

Dienst für akademischer Austausch in Deutschland ( DAAD )

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds students from all over the world and encourages them to study German language and culture at any language school in Germany during the winter and summer months.

These two study periods have varied criteria, but the most important is that you must be a current student who has just finished at least two years of bachelor’s study.

German is the official language of Germany.

Deadlines: They vary.

Programs for luce academics

This kind of scholar program contains a considerable study component and is only open to citizens and residents of the United States; however, the year-long luce scholar program does not include a language immersion grant. Another benefit is that following a period of orientation and rigorous language study, the individual begins a professional placement.

Participants with minimal exposure to Asia are nominated for the program by the participating colleges.

Arabic scholarships from Ibn Battuta

People studying Arabic at the Qalam Wa Lawh institution in Rabat, Morocco, benefit greatly from Ibn Battuta Arabic scholarships. You have a variety of program choices and dates to pick from, so you can find something that works for you.

Students are provided full and partial scholarships for foreign language study in accordance with their semesters, such as summer or winter.